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Wilderness First Aid Training

Boy Scouts of America

Crew 272 will not be teaching Wilderness First Aid in 2018, we may run the program again, but we are now a STEM focused First Tech Challenge Team

Thanks April 2017 class registration, click here and WFA Crew272 2017 Roundtable flier, click here

the best you can get anywhere. We have invested a ton of money and time to develop a hands on, intense program… We get better and better, and think (we know) you will agree this is the best training you have ever had in Scouts. The last five classes have been sell-outs.. When asked “Would you Recommend the Crew 272 Wilderness First Aid program to your friends?” the class of 2011 on a scale of 1 to 5 said 4.9 (total of over two sold out classes) Strongly Agree (5) the Crew 272 Wilderness First Aid program is truly “Excellent”…

What do Scouters say about the class: Great Class and Food!, I would highly recommend this class T358 CAC, Food was most excellent Very thorough training; Case scenarios were great. Food Awesome; The entire event was excellent, Great Job, I feel that I am prepared in a way that I can be of great help and (in the ) lead position in an emergency situation, That in itself made the weekend a success. Thanks for the effort and thank your entire crew!. From a young lady Venturer: You should get more girls =) Thanks a lot! The scenarios were also amazing! I’m so happy that you actually have people who care.; Excellent Course!; The scenarios were very, very helpful and informative. I felt my performance improved a lot from the 1st scenario to the last. Thank you for a great class.; Great chow and team spirit by the staff… I really thought the hands on aspect helped me. The course did a great job explaining practical needs – like how to use an epi-pen, how to remove a tick… Additionally I found the more advanced material extremely helpful. Brian’s extensive knowledge of the subject matter greatly impressed me. Overall this is a great class- well taught and well supported. Found the course very complete and interesting, never a dull moment. Been to other training where it was hard to stay awake… thanks for the Helicopter. Will refer you as best and only training for WFA.; Everything was Excellent! T120 CAC

We have the helicopters coming to the 2016 classes… This is so cool, one SM rated it a 7 on a 1-5 Scale… be there!!! Compared to other WFA classes, this one ROCKS… you just can’t get the same training in a class room on a Wednesday night… (BIG SMILE, these classes are so cool…).

Wilderness First Aid Helicopter visit

Crew 272’s 2010 and 2011 classes with Helicopters

All 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 WFA classes SOLD OUT… 2017 is now open for registration (click here)… Each class is limited to give you the most hands on experience… cost $165 This includes your field guide, pocket mask, food and lodging and all your certifications (CPR, AED, O2, Wilderness First Aid).  Class is held at Camp Rotary just outside of Crawfordsville, IN. About three hours South of Chicago. An hour West of Indianapolis. The dorm is heated and air-conditioned, indoor showers and bathrooms, nice training room.. first class setup.

Your instructor is the 2009 Montgomery Chapter American Red Cross “Instructor of the Year” Prof. Brian Walker EMT. “We don’t read slides to you for 16 hours, this is a learn and do, hands on, training.” Join Scouters from all over the Midwest (Scouters came from five states in 2011, we have Scouters from six state, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan this year signed up… IA and MO most years too )… Worth the drive…

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