Lifeguard Training 2024 FCHS

Show the world what you’re made of, become a lifeguard!  For years Crew 272 has run a yearly lifeguard program at (click for reg details)Fountain Central Lifeguard Program.  Instructor Brian Walker, Montgomery County Chapter, Red Cross Instructor of the Year, teaches.  Class is offered starting April 6th, finishing up April 21st, 2024 at Fountain Central High School.  Then April 21st th is the rectification for CPR/AED is held at FCHS too.  Lifeguarding also qualifies Scouts for the Lifesaving Merit Badge and BSA Lifeguard patch.  Students are awarded elective PE credit for passing the program.


Become a Lifeguard, Save a Life

Jobs are plentiful at Private and Public pools.  To work at the State Parks, an additional test must be taken.

Possible pools for lifeguard jobs include: Attica City pool, Harrison Hills Country Club pool, Veedersburg town pool, Covington town pool, Hanging Rock Church Camp, Twin Lakes Church Camp, Turkey Run State Park, Lafayette YMCA, Lafayette City pools, West Lafayette City pools, college students often get lifeguarding work at Purdue, ISU, IU and other colleges.

Checks are made out to “Crew 272″ Mailed in to Brian Walker (see flyer for details).  If you have questions call Brian Walker at 765-295-1548.

The Red Cross Lifeguard candidate must pass a swimming test, including swimming 300 yards (crawl, breaststroke or combination of both), tread water for two minutes, and retrieve a 10 pound weight from 7 feet down and swim 20 yards, then exit the water without using the stairs.

The Journal and Courier did a story on our 2013 class, the class had students from several Indiana counties and one Illinois student. LGGroupshot2

May 2024