Space Jam

Crew 272 is the Sponsor of Space Jam, go to for details. Founded in 2007, Space Jam started as a District event, then joined the Illini Jamboree, a Council event, for one year, and Space Jam 3 was our first fully independent. Troop 17, in Champaign IL was our co-Sponsor, Denny Anderson and Brian Walker are the co-Founders. Brian and Crew 272 are now the driving force behind this event. We were looking for a way to magnify our impact on kids.

Back before the Boy Scouts of America (National) was all excited about STEM, Space Jam was building a world class program. In 2013 there are three robotics programs. Three D projection, production and creation are on the table for coming years (in 2016 we will have two of the three up)…

Partnering with NASA and the ARISS group have been key components of the event. Talking with Astronauts on the International Space Station via WB9SA, Crew 272’s Satellite Ham Radio Station, and video conferencing with NASA educators around the USA has brought us closer to the Stars and helped kids at Space Jam discover STEM careers. We are trying to develop more ties with Universities in the area, Purdue and University of Illinois. Southern Illinois University and DePauw University are already heavily involved with Space Jam.

Helping Scouts achieve the rank of Eagle is another key goal, and we offer many Eagle required merit badges. Last, we invite all Scouts (boy and girl) and other youth groups (Boys and Girls Club, American Heritage Girls) with out regard to any form of discrimination.

So Space UP and see you at Space Jam!

June 2024