About the Crew

Space Jam is our signature STEM merit badge seminar effort.  Often compared to the National Jamboree, only cooler and more accessible.  We are ahead of the STEM effort in BSA, and plan to say there by working with NASA, and other groups to make technology merit badges fun and inspiring.

Wilderness First Aid training to enable Scouts to attend Philmont, Sea Base, Northern Tier; and the Summit.  Then venture forward to new high adventure activities, SCUBA, Sailing, Caving, Climbing and more.
Lifeguard training enables safe water activities, and as the Lifesaving merit badge is the one our Advisor is most proud of, it is fitting we give the same learning opportunity to others.

Pioneering is our way of engaging the Scouting can do spirit with Youth of all ages.  Crossing a monkey bridge with a few giant bounces in route has a way of making Scouting Cool.  Inner City to County kid, pioneering demonstrates what is possible with Rope and Spar and shifts the conversation to “this is cool”.

Crew 272 was first chartered 11/5/2005 to the Hillsboro Booster Club, Hillsboro IN.  The Crew is made up of Eagle Scouts and their families from Troop 272.    The Crew has Caving, Scuba Diving, Skiing, as focuses.  The Crew also teaches Wilderness First Aid, Lifeguarding, CPR, AED and Oxygen skills.  The Crew provides First Aid at several events yearly.  Crew 272 is the co-sponsor (along with Troop 17 in Champaign, IL) of Space Jam. on the web.  The Crew is know far and wide in the USA and Midwest.

Currently Crew 272 is chartered to the Not For Profit 501(c)(3) organization Three Minutes to Defibrillation in Rural America, Inc. on the web.  It is fitting with our mission of helping Scouts and Scouters prepare for High Adventure outings, through our Wilderness First Aid Training Program.

The Crew Advisor, is Brian Walker, Brian is an Eagle Scout, father of two Eagle Scouts, and a past Scoutmaster; a Silver Beaver honored Scouter, Brian loves Pioneering.  The Crew has produced numerous videos for You Tube, including a 35′ hour glass tower, a 21′ Ferris Wheel — using only rope and logs!, 63′ monkey bridge with a center tower and two spans, and our 30′ monkey bridge!

The Crew is based in Fountain County Indiana, with Fountain Central High School being our center.  We started teaching Wilderness First Aid in 2008 with nine students, the classes now have 60, and Scouters from all over the Midwest have attended.  Other Crew Leaders are Registered Nurses, one with experience in medical mission work in Haiti (including surviving a hurricane).

Crew 272 2012 group photo

Back from the Bahamas

August 2017